Friday, April 3, 2009

Cultivate Your Own Insanity

Inside you there is a seed of crazy. You know this is true yet so often, rather than acknowledge it, we chose to stifle this seed with chemicals or propriety. Imagine for a moment, that this seed is the most precious thing you have, because no one else has one quite like it. It can grow into a dangerous weed if left untended but, what if you nurture it? What rare flowers and fruits could it produce? This seed is yours and yours alone, a blessing or a curse. That choice too is yours to make.


  1. This was particularly apparent when yesterday I sat outside a restaurant waiting for a table and spun cotton thread.
    People were both fascinated and confused.
    The crazy in public takes some getting used to on both the part of the maker and the viewer, me thinks.

  2. Thank you for posting this lovely reminder and piece of inspiration. I've found myself lately trying to stifle the natural 'disorder' within, when really I should be allowing it to be and nurture it.

    Thank you.