Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Camera in Sicily

The Camera flew in Sicily amongst a wonderful array of kites from all over the world. I looked up in the sky and saw my friends, people I have met through our shared passion. People who make me less lonely because they too are driven by their make and have chosen a path most others don't even know exists.

The kites you see flying with the Camera are by Robert Trapanier. Special Thanks to Tim Elverston for collaborating with me on the Camera, his ingenious sparing and fittings once again made an excellent kite that flies like a dream.


  1. Wow Ruth...this is fantastic stuff. The sea and sky make for a great stage! I think you may have invented Sky theater! Love it.

  2. You picked a marvelously appropriate subject to fly and you executed its manufacture exquisitely. Thanks, I got a big laugh.