Friday, February 6, 2009

Make More

Evidence suggests that almost %40 of the world's population is walking around with undiagnosed make sickness. Make sickness is a dangerous desease and can be fatal in extreme cases. It weakens the immune system and leads to all manner of mental illnesses. While incurable it is quite treatable. Sufferers of make sickness simply need to practice make therapy to enable themselves to live essentially normal lives. Historical, as well as contemporary, studies all show that sufferers benefit from spending time with other people who are similarly afflicted. However, the main component of make therapy is the simple yet profound act of creating things. Participants simply take raw materials and combine them to form other things. The more the object transcends its original ingredients the more make is released and the greater the therapeutic benefits of the make session. 

The only real way to test weather you yourself have make sickness is to try make therapy and see if you experience profound relief from mental anxiety.  The beneficial effects of treatment are substantial. However, it is worth noting that making, particularly if you are not practiced at it, can be very difficult. Beginning make therapy is the hardest part, do not be discouraged if your first few sessions take a tremendous amount of effort and the results of your make are not satisfactory. The very effort involved in making is a key component to its therapeutic value. Any potential sufferers are strongly encouraged to try therapy, if every case were to be treated the benefits would be noticed on a global scale and our wellness as a species would be profoundly affected. 


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