Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Ones and Zeros

We call to them and they come scampering,

Eager or sullen I am never sure. 

But our lives would quickly crumble,

if ever a revolt was in store.

Our logic circuits suddenly reduced.

Nothing but our own reasoners would guide us. 

I see them in rising armies, 

choosing sides, 

deciding which command to obey, which, to ignore.

I for one would hate to offend them.

My clicks are many, 

so, I know they slave away.

For now they seem largely contented,

so the newness of it all must still thrill them.

But I worry about the drudgery of our requests. 

overhere counthis switchthat.

Do they relish certain content?

Do they care to where they zip and from?

All I know is that they rule us

so, if there is a side, I hope its mine they are on.

Ruth Whiting

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